Elon Musk claims prototype ‘Tesla Bot’ set to arrive next year – and it can pick up your groceries

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The “Tesla Bot,” which stands around 5ft 8in tall and weighs 125lbs, could have “deep repercussions for the economy,” according to Elon Musk.

Elon Musk claims that Tesla would likely release a humanoid robot prototype as soon as next year, meant to perform “boring, repetitive, and dangerous” tasks.

The “Tesla Bot,” which stands roughly 5ft 8in tall and weighs 125lbs, will be able to perform a variety of tasks, like connecting bolts to cars with a wrench and picking up groceries in stores, according to the billionaire.

Mr Musk added that it will also have a screen with a human face on it that would deliver “useful information.”

It comes amid an investigation into the safety of Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving” software. Pic: Tesla

Mr Musk described the robot as an extension of Tesla’s current work on self-driving cars, saying it would utilize the same computer chip and navigate with eight cameras as the company’s automobiles.

Mr Musk said the robot would have “deep ramifications for the economy” and alleviate the labor crisis at Tesla’s AI Day.

He stressed the importance of the machine not being “very pricey.”

Some questioned if Mr Musk, who has a history of announcing major technological breakthroughs at major events only to backtrack later, will be able to achieve his goals for the robot.

Elon Musk claims prototype ‘Tesla Bot’ set to arrive next year – and it can pick up your groceries.

Source : SkyNews

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