4 Palestinians murdered in Israeli clashes

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The Jenin refugee camp in the occupied West Bank four Palestinians murdered on Monday in skirmishes with Israeli security forces, which has increased in the wildcat of a Jewish settlement.

Israeli Frontier Police in West Bank reported their officers were fired while a Palestinian was searched who was allegedly involved in so-called “terrorist” activities.

“Many persons have begun heavy fire on a short distance,” stated an Israel Border Police spokesman.

“The border police fired and neutralized the terrorists. Among our ranks were no victims, “He remarked. He said.

Since Mai, when dozens of Israelis arrived and began building a wildcat colony, there have been deep conflicts in Jenin and in the flashpoint of Beita in the West Bank.

According to the Palestinian Health Department, the latest deaths were 4 Palestinians killed by “Israeli gunfire.”

They were named Raed Abu Seif, 21, Saleh Ammar, 19, Amjad Husseiniyah and Nureddin Jarrar.

An AFP reporter watched the Abu Seif and Ammar bodies at the morgue of Jenín hospital, where the Palestinian Ministry of Health also said the bodies of two Palestinians were taken by the Israeli army.

The Israeli side confirmed that two Palestinians held their bodies.

It condemned a “heinous crime” and blamed the Jewish State for its escalation and implications.

In a statement, Nabil Abu Rudeina, President of the Council, warned that “The continuance of Israel’s policies will result in an explosion, rising tensions and instability.”

Wafa stated that two Palestinians who were killed lived in the refugee camp of Jenin, which was the site of the intifada or revolts of Israel during the 1987-1993 and 2000-2005 periods in the Palestinian officials newspaper.

The other two were from the town of Jenin, Abu Seif and Jarrar.

Palestinians murdered
People respond at a mortuary after Israeli soldiers in Jenin, in the Israeli occupied West Bank, murdered 4 Palestinians in the fighting on 16 August 2021 according to the Health Ministry. REUTERS/Mohamad Torokman

Wildcat settlement

In recent weeks in the occupied northern West Bank, notably in Jenin and Beita, there have been a number of incidents between the Israeli and Palestinian forces.

In recent weeks, the people of Beita held a number of protests against the Israeli occupation and expansion of the settlement and caused violent confrontations.

Confrontations with the Israeli security force killed three Palestinians and injured hundreds more.

Residents of Beita have been demonstrating against the surrounding Eviatar colonization since May without the Israeli authorities’ official approval.

The settlement was evacuated in early July, but Israeli military forces stay there until the authorities are conscious of their destiny.

The founders will be allowed to dwell more permanently if this settlement is granted.

The villagers of Beita swore to continue their campaign until the soldiers left the outpost as well.

During the Six-Day War of 1967 Israel occupied the West Bank and most of the international community considers all Jewish settlements illegally.

Nearly half a million people, alongside 2,8 million Palestinians, reside in Israel’s settlements in the West Bank.


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