Live : Deadly protests reported in Jalalabad over Afghan flag

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Afghan women await Taliban’s definition of women’s rights: Gailani

Fatana Gailani, chairperson for the Afghanistan Women Council, told Al Jazeera the Taliban should unveil “the programme for the future of the Afghan women”.

“I have worked for Afghan women’s rights for four decades and more than three decades for peace and security for my country. I am not afraid of the Taliban. … The Taliban should explain which kind of Shariah they are bringing in Afghanistan.”

“Afghan people, Afghan women are Muslims, we are not afraid by the name of Shariah, but we want to be sure what they say about women’s rights. Up until now, they are just talking about women’s rights, very nicely, very kindly, but we want to see what is the programme for the future of the Afghan women.”

Source : Aljazeera

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