Cases of dengue are 3,000 this month

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In the 24 hours leading up to 8 a.m. today, Cases of dengue at least 257 patients with dengue fever were hospitalized to hospitals across the country.

With them, the number of dengue cases surpassed 3,000 in just 14 days in August, indicating the mosquito-borne disease’s rapid rise.

According to the Directorate General of Health Services’ control room, at least 3,244 persons have been admitted to hospitals in August, compared to 2,286 in July, 272 in June, and 43 in May. (DGHS).

According to the DGHS data, a total of 5,902 people have been diagnosed with dengue fever. Two hundred and ninety-nine people are from outside of Dhaka.

The DGHS data shows that 1,040 patients are still undergoing treatment at hospitals in Dhaka and 86 outside the capital, despite the fact that the majority of those who were hospitalized have been released.

Source : DGHS

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