Windows 365 Cloud PC is offered by Microsoft

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Microsoft announced on Wednesday that its Windows operating system will be available as a cloud-based service, making it easier to use corporate software that require Windows from a wider range of devices.

The subscription, dubbed Windows 365, will launch on Aug. 2 and will function similarly to purchasing a new Windows PC: A company or school will determine how much computer power, memory, and storage they require in a new system.

Instead of waiting for a physical machine to arrive in the mail, the employee or student may use an existing PC, Mac, iPhone, Android phone, or Chromebook to access the cloud-based operating system, as long as it has a web browser that supports HTML 5, a commonly used internet standard.

The cloud-based version was developed in response to customer requests for employees and students to have faster and easier access to their computers regardless of their physical location.

“We characterize the move to hybrid work as being able to work in a variety of ways, including how, when, and where.” “We’re seeing a trend emerge all across the world as people begin to explore,” said Jared Spataro, corporate vice president of Microsoft 365 software.

The service is similar to “virtual” and “remote” PCs, which have been around for decades but require a highly skilled IT department to set up and administer. Because the prices are contingent on how much the desktops are utilized, they can be unpredictable.

Microsoft expects that small businesses and schools will be able to use Windows 365 without a huge IT group, with a predictable monthly fee depending on the size of each virtual PC.

According to Andrew Hewitt of Forrester Research, the change will help Microsoft maintain its leading market share in the face of fierce competition from operating systems from Apple Inc. and Alphabet’s Google that are easier to operate for schools and businesses.

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