Taking care of your car during the lockdown

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Bangladesh has been preparing to deal with the worst Covid-19 outbreak in the country’s history, and tight restrictions are in place to prevent people from commuting or even going out unless it is an emergency. As a result, many cars will be hibernating in their separate garages for an unknown period of time.

As a result, here are some tips and tactics for keeping your automobile safe and operating during lockdown, whether it’s to deal with an unforeseen emergency or to maintain the car in good working order so you can get out without any problems when the world eventually starts to open up.


declutter1Removing unneeded items from your automobile, as simple as it may appear, leaves your area clean and safe. Begin by removing items from the floor, then examine inside the glove box, center compartment, and other sleeves and pockets. Examine the area for anything such as empty water bottles, juice boxes, chocolate wrappers, or any other perishable item that could decompose and produce nasty odors. If you have stray change, notes, or small pieces of paper laying around the cup holder, make sure to clear it out because notes often carry fungus, which, while not easily distributed, can end up all over the dash over time. Even if everything is clean, fungus can develop; thus, make sure your car is exposed to the sun.


Save the battery

When a battery is left connected in for an extended period of time, it will eventually decrease. If the automobile is going into sleep, the easiest approach to save the battery is to keep it running or separate the negative terminal from the battery. To keep the battery operating, make sure to turn on the car and drive it for at least 15 minutes every five to seven days to charge the entire battery.


Avoid keeping the car with the Handbrake engaged

Although many car manufacturers recommend that the car be parked with the handbrake engaged, the hand brakes frequently become clogged with time, and unlatching the handbrake can be a pain. If the car is automatic, it is advisable to keep it in park (P). If the automobile is on a slope that is slanted upwards, make sure to put something heavy on the back wheels, such as a brick or a boulder. If you have to store a manual automobile, make sure it’s in first gear if it’s on an uphill inclined slope and reverse if it’s on a downward inclined slope. To avoid a rollover, keep the rocks on the back wheels.


Wash the car

The first thing to avoid while washing your automobile is doing so in full sunshine, because the car heats up and the water on it evaporates, leaving stains behind. Before you start, make sure your car is cool. Wash in the shade or at any time of day when the sun isn’t directly overhead. Start by putting some car shampoo in a bucket and using a microfiber mitt or a sponge to wash the automobile from top to bottom. Allow the soap to do the work instead of pressing too hard on the paint. Wash behind the fuel door, wiper blades, and door jams, among other places. Dish soap and thin towels should be avoided since they peel wax and cause hairline scratches.


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