Reports of the Brahmanbaria fans in front of Copa Finals from Argentina

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Many injuries were sustained as fans of Latin American teams clashed and counter-clashed in the Brahmanbaria region.

Bangladesh may not have a respectable standing in international football, but the country’s passion for the game is well-known, and it occasionally results in mayhem and chaos that makes international headlines.

Argentina and Brazil are the most popular teams in the country, and the upcoming Copa America final between the two countries has sparked so much concern that an Argentine news site has published a story about it.

The Buenos Aires Times published a post on its website on Friday citing quotations from local officials, and the story was taken up by a number of other media sources around the world.

During the Copa America, thousands of miles away from Bangladesh in Brazil, Brahmanbaria district witnessed fights and counter-clashes between fans of Latin American teams, resulting in numerous injuries.

Despite the catastrophic Covid-19 scenario and countrywide strict lockdown, Brahmanbaria’s local authority is enforcing tougher restrictions, such as prohibiting any gatherings and preparing for any potential cataclysm before of the grand finale.

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