Evaly chairman, MD, is barred from traveling by the ACC

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Evaly.com Chairman Shamima Nasrin and Managing Director Md Russel have been placed on a travel ban by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

According to insiders, ACC Deputy Director ASM Sajjad Hossain issued a letter to the Special Branch of Police and the Department of Immigration and Passport (DIP) on Thursday in this respect.

According to the sources, the move was done because ACC received evidence that the two were attempting to flee the country in stealth.

They claimed that if the two left the country, the ongoing investigation against them would be impeded.

The ACC has been investigating Evaly.com Ltd, an e-commerce platform, after the commerce ministry wrote the commission a letter on July 4 asking it to look into charges of theft or transfer of Tk 338.62 crore.

The ACC launched an investigation on the allegations.

The trade ministry claimed in its letter that the central bank discovered a total asset of Tk 91.69 crore of Evaly.com as of March 14, citing a Bangladesh Bank investigation report.

Current assets were valued Tk 65.17 crore, while total liabilities were worth Tk 407.18 crore. Evaly’s entire liabilities to customers at the time was Tk 213.94 crore. The e-commerce company’s liabilities to merchants was Tk 189.85 crore.

According to the letter, the company was meant to have at least Tk 403.80 crore in current assets due to money taken from customers and merchandise taken from merchants.

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