Biden warns of the dangers of the Delta form, as the US is on track to miss its vaccination target

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The president claims that America has Covid-19 on the run, yet new cases have increased by 10% due to an uneven vaccine uptake across the country.

Although America has Covid-19 “on the run,” Joe Biden has warned that the latest variety is of particular worry among those who have not been vaccinated, since the president’s aim of 70% of US people receiving at least one vaccine injection by the Fourth of July vacation was likely to fall short.

New coronavirus infections in the United States increased by 10% in the last week as the highly dangerous Delta form spreads, particularly in areas where vaccination rates are low.

“I’m afraid that folks who haven’t been vaccinated have the potential to catch the variation and disseminate it to others who haven’t been vaccinated,” Biden said on Friday.

“I don’t think there’ll be a large breakout… another nationwide epidemic,” she says. However, I am concerned that lives will be lost,” he continued.

“Our economy is on the move, and we have Covid-19 on the run,” Biden said on Friday, citing solid job numbers.

However, Rochelle Walensky, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), noted that locations with poor vaccination rates were becoming hotspots for new infections, even as the country’s overall situation was improving.

The “hyper-transmissible” Delta variation, initially detected in India, has been connected to nearly 25% of new infections in the United States, up from 6% in June.

As of July 1, 66.8% of adults in the United States had received at least one dose of vaccination. A total of 54.6 percent of all Americans have had at least one vaccination.

Iwan Barankay, a professor of corporate economics and public policy at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, said, “We’re very, very near to that [government] aim.”

“However, we need to aim for more than 70% to achieve herd immunity,” he continued. We need to think clearly about who hasn’t been vaccinated yet and why… we need to think about people who are simply adamantly opposed, either on their personal values or how they interpret the data and science.”

Barankay stated that federal financing and vaccine supplies are already available for regions with poor vaccination rates, but that state and local administrations must continue the torch in the final push to persuade people to receive the injection through decentralized messaging.

“I’m actually pretty astonished how many people got vaccinated; my baseline was how many people would receive a flu vaccine in a poor virus year,” he added, adding that the figure is generally about 55%.

According to the Johns Hopkins coronavirus resource center, the United States has had 33.7 million coronavirus illnesses and 605,000 deaths, the highest totals in the world.

“Vermont and the northeastern United States are doing exceptionally well. Then he [Biden] has the midwestern states not hitting those numbers because they have more polarization and politicization of the vaccination than we do — we simply live in a very varied country,” he told the Guardian.

“It’s particularly difficult for the president when governors in some states with low vaccination rates are quite controversial about their vaccine position,” Levine continued. For him, it’s a significant challenge.”

Source: The Guardian

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