The fire brigade warns that the damaged buildings in Moghbazar may fall at any time.

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According to fire service specialists, the three-story structure in Moghbazar that was extensively damaged in yesterday’s explosion could fall at any time.

After viewing the scene, Lt Col Zillur Rahman, director (operation) of the Fire Service, informed reporters, “The structure has been severely damaged.”

The owner of the structure must determine whether or not to dismantle it. It’s no longer possible to use it, he remarked in response to a question.

For the sake of safety, no one should enter the building, he stressed.

Zillur, who is also the head of the fire department’s investigative committee, said their teams are collecting evidence from the debris and getting testimony from witnesses, the injured, and the owners of nearby businesses.

At this point in the investigation, he refused to comment on the cause of the explosion. He did, however, allude to the Narayanganj mosque blast, which was caused by a gas leak.

A big explosion occurred Friday night in Moghbazar, killing at least six people and injuring more than 50 more.


Experts in explosives claimed they found hydrocarbon in the ruins of a building in Moghbazar, the capital, where at least six people were killed and 50 others were injured in a massive explosion Friday night.

Engineer Abul Kalam Azad, head explosive inspector of the Department of Explosives, told The Daily Star today, “We noticed presence of hydrocarbon in the debris while completing analysis.”

He said they investigated the site shortly after the incident and again today.

“There was a restaurant on the premises. Natural gas lines and cylinder gas are available in the structure. In addition, there were air conditioners “he stated

When asked if it was an accident or deliberate sabotage, the head inspector replied, “We’re looking at every possibility, including gas leaking. It could have been caused by an electric spark. None of the alternatives will be overlooked.”

According to him, a three-member investigation team has been constituted, with the deputy chief explosive inspector as its chairman, and the committee will present a report within seven working days.

“To examine the explosion, we’re collaborating with all other organizations, including the fire department and the police. However, it is far too early to make any definitive statements at this time “Azad, who is also a deputy secretary, agreed.

Source : The Daily Star

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